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Welcome to WAAGA Org. e.V.

The purpose of WAAGA Org. e.V. is purely the humanitarian help for needy children, especially for those living in war dominated areas, natural catastrophe or misery areas, regardless of any continental, national, cultural, religious or political views and origins. The organisation is composed by active members and collaborators campaigning unsalaried for the projects of WAAGA Org. e.V. This way the administration costs are kept very low and your donation goes straight towards the projects of our organisation.

The organisation and their collaborators have no political, religious, financial or personal ulterior motives and their actions are transparent. It is all about the children. All over the world, the children remain the defenceless victims of ideology, religion and raw material wars. As a suitable medical attendance is rarely possible in the country of origin, the medical care has been organised in German clinics to attend these severely injured and ill children.

Other key points in the work of the WAAGA Org. e.V. are not only the provision for education funds, but also the future orientated and long-sighted realisation of the drinking water supply, food and accommodation thanks to the future-orientated help of sponsors and donations. WAAGA Org. e.V. needs your help and assistance. Please feel free to commit yourself or to donate, every donation is tax-deductible.

No child should be worth less than the own child.